Oficjalny Serwis Miasta Wałbrzycha

Did You Know That…

Wałbrzych obtained the town foundation act as early as in 1426.
The name of Wałbrzych in German means Forest Keep.
A wooden small town hall existed in the Market Square until 1857. Near today's exit of Kosciuszki Str. was city pillory - a whipping post.
Stary Zdrój - today's Wałbrzych district, once functioned as a spa.
Castle Książ literally stood on a rock - the huge structure was built without foundations.
The ruins of a knight mansion of Nowy Dwór on Zamkowa Mountain in Wałbrzych were built by Prince Bolko I of Świdnica - founder of Książ and Grodno Castles.
Museum of Industry and Technology at 28 Wysockiego Str. is situated in the facilities of a real coalmine.
Wałbrzych is one of the most "green" towns in Poland. There are 7 parks and several forest areas within town boundaries.
Wałbrzych is a unique town for its high concentration of marked tourist routes. Their total length is over 52 kilometres.
Mount Chełmiec is a former volcano.
From the viewing tower situated on Mount Chełmiec you could see Wrocław and Mount Śnieżka.
Mount Borowa - 853 metres above sea level - is the highest point in Wałbrzych.
The lowest: "Bolko" yew tree in the Pełcznica Valley - 315 metres above sea level.