Oficjalny Serwis Miasta Wałbrzycha

Partner Towns

The comunne of Walbrzych is co-operating with eight towns-twinning. The range and character are specificed in signed cooperations agreements. The most popular fields in co-operations are science, culture and art, also sport and tourism, as well municipal economy, economy, trade and industry. The most important area in cooperation is realization ventures which are subsidizing from European Union. Before Poland joined the EU, Walbrzych had taken advantage of European funds because of these subsidies.

  1. Tula in Russia
    The agreement was signed, 30th Semptember 1991 in Walbrzych
    19th October 1999, agreement about continuation cooperate was signed in Tula
  2. Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic
    The agreement was signed, 6th November 1991 in Walbrzych
    26th October 2003, agreement about continuation cooperate was signed
  3. Jastarnia in Poland
    The agreement was signed, 9th May 1991 in Jastarnia
  4. Foggia in Italy
    The agreement was signed, 14th January 1998 in Walbrzych
  5. Freiberg in Germany
    The agreement was signed, 26th June 1999 in Freiberg
  6. Gzira in Malta
    The agreement was signed, 12th November 2000 in Walbrzych
  7. District Zhovtnevy in Dniepropietrowsk, the Ukraine
    The agreement was signed, 4th June 1999 in Dniepropietrowsk
  8. Vannes in France
    The agreement was signed, 2nd October 2001 in Walbrzych