Oficjalny Serwis Miasta Wałbrzycha

A Tourist In Wałbrzych

Picturesque location in the Wałbrzyskie Mountains, the neighbourhood of the Kamienne and the Sowie Mountains, monuments, recreational facilities - all that add up to the unique conditions for going in for sports and various forms of tourism and recreation all year-long. Everyone will find something for themselves:

it is a dream-land for cycling and mountain-biking lovers. There are dozens of routes within Wałbrzych boundaries; one of the most interesting ones goes through the Książ Scenic Park. Each year, top level national and international cycling events are held here, attracting the best cyclists. The organisation of Mountain Biking European Championship in 2004, European Cup in Trial 2005, 2006, 2007, Cross Country E-XC and the MTB Marathon, justify calling “Wałbrzych the MTB Town”

the town is intersected by numerous tourist trails leading to mountains, viewpoints, memorials and natural monuments.

"Książ" Stud and Stables provide possibilities for horse-riding. Here take place such events like: competitions in driving, breaking in and international horse auctions.

for hang-glider fans - there is the Gliding Sports Centre near Wałbrzych. It is possible to learn hang-gliding at courses run by the Wałbrzych Aeroclub.

in winter - mountainous terrain, long-lasting snow layer and a network of ski lifts - all that provides good conditions for skiing. "Bieg Gwarków" ski race is held annually in the surroundings of Wałbrzych.