Oficjalny Serwis Miasta Wałbrzycha

Welcome to WAŁBRZYCH

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With real enjoyment I greet You to Wałbrzych, the town of over 700 years of history, which now is the administrative, industrial and educational centre of the region. Wałbrzych is an interesting place for tourists. Numerous historical monuments picturesquely composed into the landscape of our town as well as attractive tourist-recreation surroundings provide the perfect conditions for all year rest.

Wałbrzych takes the profits from government and local commercial preferences, and exemptions in force in Wałbrzych Development Economic Zone INVEST-PARK at its disposal are the educated staff and easy accessible work force, it is in possession of many unoccupied objects and terrains for investments. Proximity of border crossings and international communication routes (air-ports, roads, railways), modern telecommunication network within the country and abroad - all this makes Wałbrzych also attractive place for investors.

Wałbrzych Now

Medium-sized cities, such as Wałbrzych which has and implements active strategies of action and has ideas for development, should engage in attracting external investors, supporting local entrepreneurs and using the potential of local labour resources - Report "Scenarios for the development of medium-sized cities”, The Polish Economic Institute (Warsaw 2019) 


Wałbrzych – a city with the potential without strong distinguishing features (S2) is characterised by:

  • high level of entrepreneurship among inhabitants (it has its reflection on the labour market because the average rate of the employed per 1000 inhabitants is also slightly higher than in the remaining medium-sized cities)
  • average income
  • unfavourable demographic situation
  • medium and low level of socioeconomic development

Cities with the potential without strong distinguishing features, including Wałbrzych:

  • regard services as a dominating business activity
  • regard themselves as an important cultural centre
  •  think of themselves as not necessarily innovative ones
  • and want in the future to be well-maintained and beautiful, friendly to inhabitants and business and have a more developed scope of services

Recommended actions for Wałbrzych:

  • supporting the development of local entrepreneurship in searching for new opportunities
  • attracting external investors
  • using local labour resources

Medium-sized cities perform an especially significant role in the polycentric settlement system. Proper use and functioning of this system have a positive impact on the territorial cohesion of the country, reduction of developmental disproportions, higher probability of the occurrence of synergic effects and network cooperation. Apart from Wałbrzych, there are such cities with the potential as:

  • Bartoszyce, 
  • Bielsko-Biała, 
  • Biłgoraj, 
  • Bolesławiec, 
  • Brzeg, 
  • Bytom, 
  • Chorzów, 
  • Czerwionka-Leszczyny, 
  • Giżycko, 
  • Iława, 
  • Inowrocław, 
  • Jarosław, 
  • Kędzierzyn-Koźle, 
  • Kluczbork, 
  • Konin, 
  • Koszalin, 
  • Kraśnik, 
  • Leszno, 
  • Lubliniec, 
  • Mielec, 
  • Mława, 
  • Nowy Targ, 
  • Oleśnica, 
  • Ostrołęka, 
  • Płock, 
  • Puławy, 
  • Rybnik, 
  • Sosnowiec, 
  • Tarnów, 
  • Wałcz, 
  • Zambrów, 
  • Zduńska Wola, 
  • Żory, 
  • Żywiec.

REPORT: http://pie.net.pl/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/PIE-Raport_scenariusze_srednie.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1KseCNrPHIpiLzX65GdlWt4DN2qSf6qrlUuw7XeWZczqwuioMxivwitWU 

(The study presents the results of the research on the Polish medium-sized cities the population of which is between 20 thousand to 200 thousand inhabitants, in the context of their future development. The research included 90 medium-sized cities which during the CAWI research survey made a self-assessment of their own features (current and foreseen in the defined future) regarding general characteristics, city function, location, innovativeness and conditions limiting the functioning of the city).


Once again I would like to invite you to visit our town and I truely hope, that You, Ladies and Gentelmen, will be frequent guest here!